As we commence our Online Learning Journey, wellbeing is more important than ever!

Junior Positive Learning Behaviours

Joey Points

At the beginning of each term, each class starts a fresh Joey Chart, that aligns with our College Merit System. During online learning, we will continue to encourage students to display positive learning behaviours. These are attached for your reference. Each week, we focus on one learning behaviour and teach the children how to display this to influence their learning. Class teachers will continue to award Joey Points, using teacher judgement from work completed and online learning behaviours. We have however, changed the amount of points required to receive an award.

4 Joey points= certificate. The certificate will be emailed and students will earn 3 points for their house.

7 Joey points= ribbon (The ribbon will be emailed or posted) and students earn 5 points for their house.

9 Joey points= badge (The badge will be posted) and students will also earn 9 points for their  house)

I ask you to please talk to your child each week about the positive learning behaviour, and to explain to them how many points they are required to earn this term to receive an award. These Joey Points are a great way to maintain a positive approach while learning online.

Senior Positive Learning Behaviours

Mary Mac Points

Teachers are still awarding Mary Mac points to students displaying positive online learning behaviours. During weekly assemblies Mr Albion will be highlighting how many Mary Mac points have been awarded and celebrating some of the students within the community showing these behaviours.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Badges will be awarded at the end of Semester 1 based on the Positive learning behaviours shown by students.

Weekly Wellbeing Activities

Each week there will be a house wellbeing challenge that students can participate in. This will be from P-12. The challenge will go out on a Friday afternoon. Ms Rillie and Mr Albion will be coordinating and all students will have the opportunity to earn points for their house.

This course is linked to the PERMAH model we have been using in our Get Skill’d sessions. The course has been created for all students in the senior school, including yr 11 and 12 students who don’t do PE. It has also been distributed to our Yr4-6 students by their PE teachers.  

The Fitness Exercises and Challenges in this course will focus on the H element of PERMAH, health. 

Within this course there will also be a section labelled ‘wellbeing’, Jasmin and Khara will populate these weekly with mindfulness and PERMAH-related activities. We will all have periods of time while we are away from school that will be challenging, mindfulness is one method to help support us through these challenges.  

Staying Safe Online

Guidance Counsellors

Our Guidance Counsellors are here to help us all through this new experience. Follow the link below to access resources from Dr Jasmin Slack-Smith and Mrs Khara Saunders.

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