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How to organise your Online Learning Week


As we move into online learning for Term 2, I am providing this etiquette guide to help you know how to conduct yourself while participating in live online lessons in Teams, Canvas and Zoom. 

 While many of these guidelines may seem obvious, adjusting to a new way of doing things can throw off some of our instincts for proper etiquette. I thought it would be helpful to provide a baseline of expectations to develop an ideal online atmosphere, and therefore, be able to deliver quality teaching and learning. Please remember that the IT Guidelines that you signed, still applies even though you not are not at the College. 


 When teacher and students are in the same room together, the teacher can call everyone to attention of the class easily. This is not the case with online meetings, so students will need to be extra responsible to schedule their day effectively.  

You have been provided with the live online schedule. Make sure you know the lessons you will be required to attend. It will be a good habit to start your morning, by planning your day. 

Find a system that works for you, so you do not miss out on learning instructions. 

If for some reason, you cannot attend the session, please email your teacher. This shows that you are still engaging with the course. 

2. Dress Code 

Learning from the comfort of your home can make it feel desirable to dress down, but we want to make sure we are looking presentable and professional for each other, just like we do at school. While you are not required to wear the uniform to online meetings, it is our expectation that students dress in a way that is modest and appropriate for learning. 

3The Mute Button 

My favourite button. Often, when you join an online platform, the teacher will request for students to ‘mute’ yourself. This is so instructions can be given, and lesson can start promptly. There will be time for you to engage and ask questions. During this time, you can unmute yourself. 

4Online, but do take notes. 

When we are online, it is easy to forget to write down things. It will be beneficial for you to be able to jot down key points on the instructions provided by your teacher. While you can always ask later by email or another means of communication, this can be time consuming. It will often be helpful to be on the look-out during the meeting for what you need to know to complete the next task well. 

5FocusFocus and Focus 

When on an online learning meeting, it may be tempting to use another device or engage with someone or something else in your surroundings rather than the meeting that you are a participant in. 

Participating in what your teacher is presenting, will allow you to focus and be engaged. Your online live lessons will be between 30-60 minutes. If are focused during this time, future learning activities will become easier. 

 Giving eye contact to the screen is a good way to show your teacher that you are attending, unless of course you are taking notes. Show respect to the important learning process that you are engaged in during the online meeting, just as you would if you were present in person with your whole class. 

6Ask questions to improve your learning. 

Your teachers are there to support and help you, and it makes it easier on everyone if you can ask a question while together in an online meeting. If you are experiencing some confusion or have a question about something, it’s likely that someone else has that same question.  

 Your teachers will be adjusting to this new way of teaching, and it may be that they jumped over a crucial detail, as they are developing their skills to deliver online learning. It will only help the process of transition if you ask the questions that are occurring to you along the way. 

 Your teacher will communicate how and when they would like you to ask questions. 

7. Keep making Progress 

 One of the challenges posed by online learning is the increased level of responsibility that you will have for your own learning. It can be tempting to put off learning activities. However, doing this once can have a spiral effect, where, because you are rushing to make up yesterday’s tasks, you now have less time to work on today’s tasks, meaning you are likely to get behind on what’s due tomorrow as well. 

Adopt a mindset that each day you will put in a solid day’s work on school and learning. Give yourself little breaks and set small goals to ensure that you keep up the motivation. 

8. Flexibility Dangers 

Online learning provides you with more flexibility in the structure of your school day, but you should actively design a school day for yourself. If you constantly have the temptation of Xbox or Netflix calling you away from your schoolwork, you will find it much harder to be productive. 

 On the other hand, if you set up a workable plan to get your work completed, you will likely find online learning an enjoyable experience. 

9. Check your email regularly. 

Teachers will be communicating through their online platforms and emails. 

While teachers will try to keep the schedule they have announced, it is always possible that a teacher could experience a disruption of some kind that requires them to reschedule. They will communicate changes. It is also possible that a teacher will have to clarify something that was misunderstood or said incorrectly in an online meeting by email. If the email applies to you, please read it carefully and in its entirety.  

Do not expect your teachers to email you back straight away. Your teachers are still working with other students and delivering online content. Your teachers will communicate expectations regarding emails. 

10. Have a go. We are here to support. 

 Your teachers will be checking in on your progress each week. The first week will be challenging as you adjust to a new way of learning. You will get better at it. What we require of you is that you do your best and seek assistance when you need help. 

With these guidelines in our minds, you will be well-prepared to continue learning as well as possible through online means.  


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