Please see below information that is for you and your child.  This information and the attached timetable have been added to TEAMS for your child to access.

The time for on-line learning is nearly here.

To help you get organized, you’ll find a timetable on TEAMS in ‘Files’.  Please show this to your parent/s today. It is a suggestion of how to plan your school day at home. Your parent/s might like to change some of the times to suit what is happening in your lives – that is fine. 

HOWEVER, you MUST do the Literacy, Numeracy and HaSS, Science, Religion, Technology or Health activities on the allocated day. 

We WILL be calling you at 9.00am and 11:30am on Monday 20th April on TEAMS so you will need to be ready with a charged device. We will talk through the planned activities. Other TEAMS meetings will happen at 11:30am on Wednesday and Friday of this week.  

Apart from these meetings, you will be able to ask questions through Posts on TEAMS. Make sure that you have read the ‘What To Do if I Have A Question?’ (HIG – Year 5/ General / Files / Class Materials) 

Finished work WILL need to be uploaded to TEAMS by 3pm on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. However, you are encouraged to upload these tasks as you complete them. Please read ‘Uploading a Picture to TEAMS’ (HIG – Year 5/ General / Files / Class Materials) to make sure your work is saved in the correct space. 

We are sure that you will have many questions about the work you will be doing next week. All the Year 5 teachers have been working hard to create lessons and instructions on how to do them from home. We will upload these to Teams on Monday morning.

Kind regards

Year 5 Teachers

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