The Term 2 delivery of teaching and learning format will be different. This communication is to confirm that OneDrive will continue to be used as the ‘go to’ for learning activities and resources. Activities will be loaded into the year 3 folder (Term 2) and can be accessed in the same way as you accessed work in week 10, last term. Please check previous OneDrive emails if you can’t remember the process for accessing these resources.

Please don’t forget to send a short email each day. Eg “Hi, I have accessed today’s learning activities, Have a good day.”  This is important as it is a form of check in for the class teacher.

Year 3 will also utilise Microsoft Teams (video chat) during this term’s online learning. An email explaining how to access teams was sent out last term (Week 10). Please read through the information in this email and ensure you have access to the 3 Teams. Each week opportunities will be offered for students to discuss learning, Q&A etc via Teams. Keep an eye out for email updates relating to Teams video chats.

Please keep in mind that we are all in a learning zone that is new. Be patient and if you are not sure, don’t stress, ask for help. Please contact us via email if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards

Year 3 Teachers

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