We about to begin learning from home for at least the first 5 weeks of this term. We know this may cause concern and anxiety for some parents, as many of you will also be working from home or managing the learning of multiple children. Please know that this is a learning curve for all of us and we are here to support you in every way to ensure continuity in your child’s learning journey. 

We will be uploading weekly learning activities every Monday morning. This term it will be uploaded into Microsoft TEAMS on the General page via the Files tab. (Please follow the screen shots below to assist you with navigating Teams). We also have recorded a quick Teams tour which you can view here or find it in the weekly Files (sorry it is a bit blurry!). 

Teams Tour

You should have received an email from your class teacher with your child’s log in details. Could you please log in asap and say hi if you haven’t already, so we know that everyone has connected successfully. 

As you click into the folder, everything you will need for that week will be there. The activities will be presented in a learning grid similar to the one we used in Week 10 of last term. The learning grid will be pinned to the top and the folders will be accessible underneath. We have tried to set work out in a clear and concise way to ensure things are as easy as possible for you to follow. 

Any completed work that needs to be submitted to your child’s class teacher will be clearly marked, either highlighted on the learning grid or marked with a tick. We have included in the General Files the same short PowerPoint from last term on how to take photos of your child’s work effectively, please follow these guidelines. 

Teams will also be how we expect completed work to be submitted for checking and feedback. Our designated check in points will remain the same as last term. As a reminder, they are as follows: 

Curriculum Delivery Day Curriculum Check in i.e. time teachers will be available for parents to ask questions Due date for student work to be submitted 
Monday 9.00am (except Week 1)  Via Files tab in TEAMS Monday 9.30am – 10.30am via email or chat in TEAMS  Wednesday 9.30am – 10.30am via email or chat in TEAMS Work may be submitted at any time once completed but all work is to be uploaded by 3pm Friday into the correct week within your child’s folder in Class Notebook 

Within the General Team there is a Class Notebook, you click on it and then on the arrow to open the navigation pane. 

Your child will have their own folder created with a tab called WORK SUBMITTED and a new page for each week. 

Within that page there is an option to upload files or photos. If you are logged into Teams on an iPad, you should be able to take a photo and immediately upload it into your child’s page. This can be done as work is completed and does not need to be left until Friday as long as ALL work that needs to be submitted is in the week’s folder by 3pm Friday. 

Please remember that this is all very new to most of us and if we do not get it perfect in the first week – that is okay! 

We will also be using Teams as a tool to communicate with you and your child. We are anticipating that we will be able to offer opportunities for your child to check in with us via video by the end of this week. We can also communicate with you and your child via the chat function which is essentially instant messaging and can be done through the main channel page as a whole class or privately. Please stay tuned for more information on these functions. 

Children of essential workers who will be attending school, will be supported by the supervising teachers to complete the same learning tasks as set out in the learning grid. If your child is attending school, you will need to send their book box with their resources with them to be used throughout the day. If they are only attending some days (Ii.e Monday and Tuesday only) but will be learning from home the rest of the week, they will need to take their resources home again. We know this may seem confusing but basically, they will need to have their book boxes with them wherever they are learning from, at home or at school. There is no expectation that you complete any work at home with your child on the days they have attended school. 

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please email your child’s classroom teacher. We are all in this learning journey together and we appreciate your patience and support during these challenging times. 

Kind regards 

Mrs Melanie Skewes, Mrs Deb Mengel, Mrs Susan Jones, Ms Kathryn Groom. 

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