As you are aware, learning will continue to be conducted from home for the next 5 weeks. We understand that this causes concern for many families, so we aim to provide a program that will keep the students learning through activities that are familiar to them. The activities for the week are presented in a learning matrix like the one we used in week 10 of last term. You will notice, that we have intentionally left Friday free of planned activities. Please use this day as a rest day, catch-up day or an opportunity to complete some of the suggested extra activities. While the main focus of activities covers literacy and numeracy skills, there will also be activities included from other learning areas each week. Also keep an eye out for weekly Performing Arts and PE lessons conducted by our specialist teachers. 

Please read through the information provided below to help navigate the online learning process. 

Concerns about online learning 

Online learning presents many challenges for families including increased screen time, access to devices, internet access, sharing of devices and online safety. While there are some activities that will require a device and internet access, we have planned many activities that can be completed off-line with hands-on resources, white boards and writing books. Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office have provided information sheets regarding the safe use of video conferencing for parents and students, please take the time to read the attached documents. 

Where to find the weekly tasks 

The learning matrix will be added to the Year 1, Microsoft Teams page each Monday morning. To find this, you will need to access the Year 1 team page via the logon details sent by your class teacher at the end of Term 1. Once logged in, click on the General channel and find the Files tab at the top of the page. In Files, locate the folder for the current week. The matrix and any other links needed will be in this folder. 

Difficulties with tasks 

If your child has difficulties with any of the tasks, please email your class teacher. We will provide you with help, ideas and the support you need. We will be working normal school hours, though replies will be dependent on our classroom supervision hours. We will always get back to you at the earliest possible convenience. 

Students learning from home 

The matrix has a number of tasks that are highlighted in yellow, these are the priority tasks that are required to be submitted to your class teacher at the end of the week (photographs of completed activities sent via email). Your class teacher will also make a time with you during the week to participate in an online video chat with her and some classmates on Microsoft Teams. 

Students attending school 

Students of essential workers who will be attending school for supervision, will be supported to complete the same learning tasks as those who are at home. This ensures that regardless of being at home or at school, all students have access to the same learning opportunities. As the lessons planned for online learning are not expected to take the full school day to complete, students at school will be provided with supervision only once these lessons are completed. No new concepts will be taught. If your child is attending school, please send their box of resources back in with them to be used during the day. 

Getting started: 

  • Log on to Microsoft Teams and find the learning matrix for this week 
  • Make sure you have your child’s log in cards for Reading Eggs/Mathseeds and Study Ladder 
  • Work through the learning activities at your convenience 
  • Take photographs of the highlighted tasks each day 
  • Send your completed tasks to your class teacher via email on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning by 11am. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns or queries throughout the week. We look forward to supporting you and your children through this phase of learning from home. 

Kindest regards, 

Jodie, Kim and Julia 

Year 1 Teachers 

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