Each Monday by 9am we will upload a message to our Teams page and the documents required for the week of learning. After today we will not email each week, we will communicate via the ‘General Page’ on Teams. Below we have outlined some information for term 2.

This term there have been a few adjustments to how our content is delivered. On Teams there will be a ‘General Page’ where we will put the timetable, any announcements or messages, on the left hand side you will find a ‘channel’ for each subject, under these you will find the content you need.

We will outline each subject below:


This term there is a daily powerpoint for your child to work through. The aim of this is to hopefully help the students become a little more independent in making their way through their work (much less reading required) and also to avoid you having to go back and forth finding videos and documents. The grid will still be uploaded in the event you can’t access the powerpoints. We are aiming for each child to spend approximately 40 minutes on English activities per day.


Math will continue to follow the learning grid as per last term. The Math lessons aim to be hands on and only take 20-30 minutes each day. The Math grid is coloured to prioritise activities.


These subjects areas are to be engaged with once per week for 15-30 minutes each. The resources can be found in the respective channels.

Each Friday we ask that you please send photos of the work your child has completed throughout the week via individual chat on Teams before 4pm.

Throughout the coming days there will be information on the Teams General Page regarding video conferencing.

Through this journey please be assured that we are very aware that these are tough times for everyone, we are just doing our best to keep our students engaged and their learning ticking along.

Please note if your child is coming to school as both parents are essential workers, please send their workbooks and any equipment that has previously been sent home with them.

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