Each week a lesson video will be available for viewing which will be put in the class Teams folder in the Music channel. There will also be a short note that has some written explanation and describes any resources that are needed for the lesson.

Meeting are for those people who would like to share something that their child has been doing at home. To set up a meeting send me a message through Teams or email me with your preferred time.

I will be available for meetings, through Teams, as follows:

Tuesday 1:00pm until 3pm– Prep to Year 3 students and parents

Tuesday 11:00am – 4/5/6 Choir

Wednesday 11:00am – 2/3 Choir

Wednesday 11:30am – Senior Choir

Wednesday 11:30 until 1:00pm  – Prep to Year 3 students and parents

Email and message queries are always welcome.

Ms Susie Fredline

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