Goodbye on-line learning?

This will be my final message of the partial shutdown of Queensland schools. We have now returned to everyday classroom interactions, and although we still cannot have assemblies and the junior pick up resembles the end of a music festival we can be assured I think that our College is slowly returning to normal.

So, although instruction will be face to face, we now have a student body and workforce who are more attuned to the possibilities of e-learning. This represents a really great opportunity and one that I am not very keen on letting pass by.

Fore example, a number of our teachers have started using lightboards as a means to deliver homework tasks. Mrs Wolff in secondary Maths and Mrs Carter in Prep have led the way with this rather simple strategy and the feedback has been really positive.

The picture above is from a survey sent today to parents of Prep Bilbies. Whilst there will always be a need to balance our traditional modes with innovation, it shows that this (currently small) sample of parents feel that this innovation is successful. In the same survey, three quarters of respondents felt the use of the lightboard increased engagement with home learning. This is of course not a gap between an abacus and a calculator or handwriting and the printing press. Our classrooms are exciting, positive and inclusive places of learning with the current levels of tech. A balance between the two can only bring advantages though.

It is the Covid crisis that has led to this development, and I want to maintain that positive momentum.

So, whilst this is indeed goodbye to on-line learning – I am hoping that the strategies we have developed will in many ways be maintained.

Finally – thank you very much for your ongoing patience and understanding during what has been a challenging and overwhelming time. It has been greatly appreciated.

Take care

Mr Chris Gabbett

College Principal

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