Where to from here..?

Following on from my last post about what really matters and as restrictions gradually lift and we slowly return to pre-COVID life, I encourage you to pause.

Down tools and sit with your family. Talk about what you have learned about yourself and each other. Discuss how you can incorporate these learnings into your day to day life to enhance your ability to live your values.

KEEP. Acknowledge all the things you are doing which are working well – those things you want to KEEP doing;

STOP. Identify any unhelpful behaviours and patterns which are getting in the way of your effectiveness – those things you want to STOP doing;

START. Consider the things you aren’t doing now, but that would improve your wellbeing – those things you want to START doing.

Our KEEP, STOP, START template may also support this reflective process for you individually or as a family.

Dr Jasmin Slack-Smith

Guidance Counsellor

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