Site safety… a reminder

With four year groups returning to the site on Monday, I consider it useful to reiterate guidance regarding site access and site safety.

Access to/on the site:

We ask that parents and siblings do not get out of the car at drop-off or pick-up in line with the directive given by the Chief Medical Officer to ensure social distancing. Parents will not have the ability to go into students learning areas until further notice.

Only students attending school are able to enter our learning areas and if you must go to Junior reception please make sure there is only one person in the foyer at a time.

If you are coming on site for any reason, including dropping off forgotten items, please present to administration where a staff member will assist you.

Junior Drop Off:


Students may be dropped off at the AM drop and go zone or Uluru from 8:00am and need to make their way to Billabong.


Students may be dropped off from 8:00am and are to make their way to Uluru.

Senior Drop Off:

To enable social distancing please use our drop-off zone.

Junior Pick-Up:

To enable social distancing please utilise our pick-up zones at Uluru or the AM drop and go zone.


P-2 will be collected in the AM stop/go zone. The parking zone outside Prep will be cordoned off with bollards, and children will congregate there. This means the top circle area will be a pick up only zone and there will be NO parking available. From 2:45pm, Prep children will be available for collection. Years 1 and 2 will be dismissed and available at 2:50pm. If you need to park, please park in the Junior car park or on Highfields Road. Please do not leave your car if you are in the pick-up line.

If you have not collected you child by 3:00pm they will be seated outside Junior reception.

Years 3-6:

Years 3-6 will be in Uluru for collection. 

If you have Prep-2 and 3-6 students to collect please collect the Prep – 2 first and then make your way to Uluru.

Senior Pick-Up:

As normal in the Senior school.

Using the car pick-up lines:

Using the car pick-up lines increases social distancing, please do not come into the school unless absolutely necessary. If you must come on site please report to administration first and a staff member will assist you.

Birthday celebrations:

I recognise that this is a really lovely and inclusive practice, but I ask please if parents can stop sending in food for communal consumption. 


Please remember to send in any medications your child may need along with a completed Administration of Medication Form found on our website.

I do understand that some of these rules hinder a quick getaway, but I want them maintained at this time so that we are doing everything possible to guarantee the safety safety of the children and wider community.

Thank you so much, take care

Mr Chris Gabbett


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