Working the triple shift!!

For many of us, we are currently working double or triple shifts! We are managing the family home, we are working, and we are also supporting our children with their on-line learning. I don’t know about you, but for me this has been challenging. Challenging on a physical level but most notably, challenging on an emotional/psychological level. Don’t get me wrong – we have definitely had our wins and days when we feel like we are in our groove. I love knowing more about what and how my child learns and I feel I am now in a better position to support him and his teacher on our collaborative learning journey! I also know that challenges strengthen my brain via increased neural pathways! BUT there have MOST DEFINITELY been days when targets weren’t met, excessive caffeine was consumed, and some could say ‘the ball was dropped’. Times when I felt overwhelmed and far from effective!

However, what I am sure of is this. I am coping with an unprecedented situation and I am learning as I go – how I feel along the way is completely ok. I also know I am definitely not the only one. I know that in my attempt to juggle so many balls I need to be kind to myself when I drop one!  I also need to acknowledge that this is new and my struggle, although a normal part of this adjustment, is taxing. I need to take care of myself! SO DO YOU. Invest some time in reading our Resilience and Coping resource for parents, and also be sure to view the links throughout the document. More of these resources are available on the Guidance Counsellor web page.

Take care of yourself.

Dr Jasmin Slack-Smith

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