The trials of email…

Hello all. I hope you are well and looking forward to a weekend enjoyed potentially less than or equal to 50km from our front doors.

A memorable comment made to me once about email as a mode of communication was that it is almost always sent to protect the sender rather than inform the recipient. I am not sure that this is so true in more modern times and I am confident it is being used a lot more productively during the period of online learning.

I want to briefly mention the challenges of email during the partial shutdown. The volume of email to and from the College has increased significantly. One teacher reported to me recently that he received 121 emails in the course of an afternoon! This is probably 119 more than he would normally receive. This is a common story across the College, for all year levels.

I do think that in many areas we have hit our groove and a lot of communication is getting slicker. I do ask though please for your patience if emails are not immediately replied to. This is an issue of teachers dealing with increased volume, and ensuring that other elements of online learning and at times face to face supervision are maintained. I can assure you that my colleagues here are working harder than ever to keep learning happening!

I have asked teachers to triage email responses as much as possible and reply as quickly as possible; but if you do not get an immediate response we ask for your patience.

Again, thank you so much for supporting us here at Mary MacKillop. I hope you enjoy the assembly tomorrow morning.

Mr Chris Gabbett


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