Making the most of the invitation.

Some parents will have received welfare check phone calls today from the College Leadership Team. This really is exactly as described – we just want to get a bearing on how you are all travelling and make sure that as a College we are doing all that we can to support you.

I want to share something fed back to me via a colleague today. One parent, in conversation with a member of staff, said…

This has been an invitation back to our child’s education.  It has shown us once again that we as parents have a responsibility with our child’s education.  The question is how do we continue this when school resumes to normal?

I know that there have been a lot of anxieties that have had to be managed over the past month. What a wonderful way to reposition those though! I hope that this sentiment will be one that is remembered well after the more challenging memories of this strange time have disappeared.

It is a question worth reflecting on. Inevitably, we will emerge from this period with some different perspectives and some enhanced skills. We may have been propelled kicking and screaming into online teaching but I have no doubt we will have stronger schools and better education as a result. And, more importantly, parents have had the chance to re-affirm their place as the first educators of their children.

Mr Chris Gabbett


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