Day 6…

The College leadership team had a meeting with the Executive Director, Dr Pat Coughlan, early this afternoon.  Dr Pat asked us about how the Mary MacKillop community had adapted to this interesting temporary reality, and I was really happy to report positive news.  Thank you all very much for how quickly and positively you have adapted to the world of online learning.   I know that it has been hard.  Your resilience and positivity is having a really considerable impact in keeping our College’s mission on track.  

I want to express my thanks to the parents who were really kind in offering congratulations and good wishes to staff at the College in response to the online assembly and the ANZAC ceremonies.  I think the work put in by staff in this area is exceptional.  Indeed, it mirrors the great work by all of the staff at this point.  As I mentioned last week, we are tracking every child’s engagement and progress, and staff finalised that reporting today.  The results are incredibly pleasing.  Whilst I do not wish for a second that we continue in this online world for one second longer than we have to, I am really happy to see that almost all children are engaging with it and making progress. 

I am conscious though that this brings pressures on all families – not just the children but the whole family unit that has seen an attack on movement, space and routines.  As a College, we will be making contact with every family over the next couple of weeks to check on your wellbeing.  We know that this is hard. 

Lastly, I hope that you feel encouraged and supported. I am so appreciative of all you have done so far as a community. Thank you.

We are in this together. Please keep at it. We miss you!

Mr Chris Gabbett


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